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Sith Assasin Should Be a Big Deal


The forums are full of some the game’s leading theory crafters getting excited about this character.

Probably others as well I have missed, but credit where credit is due and Good Ole Maurice, Cosmic Archer, and Dat Boi are all seeing the same thing right now:

With her speed Sith Assassin is going to be able to get off Dark Shroud first in many matches. This could add 48% TM to each member of a Sith squad and create a sort of Rex Squad Discipline effect where your entire team gets a turn before the opponent has a chance to respond.

Good stuff.  We are excited to see how this plays out!  For more info don’t forget to check McMole2’s epic Temple of the Sith.


Sith, Sith Assasin

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  1. I agree, she should be amazing, but I wonder if they will fix her bug where she doesn’t work under Zaul lead? Surprising they released her this way since the most obvious synergy here is with Zaul.

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