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Aayla Secura – The Underrated F2P All-Star

Hello all, Ava Kdizzle here – relatively new member of TeamSkunk Republic.  I have benefited a ton from all of the helpful (and not so helpful… Nukin) posts on here and elsewhere and thought I should give back a little where I could.  Thus, my posts will theoretically range in topic, but the goal will always be to help the guys who aren’t spending buckets because, well, how much is a bucket even worth anyways?  Anyone spending buckets instead of plain old cash seems like they need more help than I can offer.  But I digress.  This first post will highlight my very favorite swgoh character, who I believe is highly underrated since she is a F2P option that can literally counter every meta except for zeta maul… but we will get there eventually.  Of course, I speak, err, rather write, of none other than the living (in a galaxy far far away) blue-hued legend, Aayla Secura.

First, what if I told you there was a fully free to play toon that could single-handedly shut down an entire opposing team while also dropping 20-30k hits with regularity?  Obviously, the cat is out of the bag here, and really, that’s probably a good thing, what type of perverse and terrible person was keeping so many cats in bags that this became an idiom in the first place?  Ok, enough distractions, on to the goods.

As shown here, Aayla has good enough base speed (125) that with proper mods, she can easily be in the 180-200 range.  Her 21,490 health is also without mods, and she can get to 25k health and 40k protection without much effort.  So while not being a true tank, she can take her fair share of hits and keep on swinging, which is important since her skills show that her value is in getting attacked.  The basic deals decent damage, which with good mods can be over 10k on a crit, but the real bonus is the 35% chance of calling an ability to assist and the bonus damage if that assisting ally is a jedi.  She works very well in a JKA team and if she calls him and he crits, the damage is huge.  Her most important ability, however, is by far her unique.  When maxed out (and no omega is needed – huge bonus if you are similarly starved for omegas as me), her unique gives her a base increase of 10% crit chance, 65% counter chance, and +50% damage on a counter.  Further, EVERY time she crits, she stuns her target for 1 turn.  Thus, unlike nearly all other stuns in the game, there is NO potency check.  Since I have a long-seeded hatred of potency mods (queue to my nightmares of Teebo getting resisted 6 times in a row), this is a huge.  It also lets you exert much more control on how frequently she crits since enemy tenacity does not come into play.  It is simple, when she crits, she stuns.  The only time her crits dont stun are when the effect is resisted by the base 15%

Thus, the strategy is using mods to boost her crit chance as much as possible because if you get her to say, 55% crit chance with mods, which is not hard, she will have 65% chance of countering each attack, then a 65% chance of that counter being a crit, which will stun and have 50% bonus damage.  All of these things are more likely to happen than not, which makes her annoying to fight, but very effective on your team and a rockstar in the right team composition.  When she calls an ally (hopefully JKA) to assist, you can stun and do 30k between the two attacks.  Her one weakness, as with all counter-based characters, are when they get stunned or dazed, so give her a tenacity cross (useful for HAAT ph 1 anyway) and let her shut those pesky Zaders, palps, boba fetts, TFPs, landos, and any other AOE character down.  I started farming her as a counter to the incoming Lando meta and never looked back.  She has even more utility now when fighting the empire meta that is looming over many arena shards.  Plus, with her good self-heal ability, she is a great GW toon.  One of the few well-rounded, not OP, but very useful F2P toons that I fervently believe will not lose her value anytime soon.  Which is a good thing because she is one stun cuff hungry gal (200!?!) to gear to max.  Still, it’s a worthwhile investment and she can be added to many arena teams to increase their viability and defense and when combined with jedi, can be an absolute rock star.

Here is my Aayla, who as a central piece of my arena team has my very best critical chance mods.  As you can see, I focus on crit chance above all else and have my best crit chance mods with the best speed secondaries possible on her.  I have a protection cross on her for now mostly because I don’t have a good crit chance cross with tenacity primary and useful secondary mods, but will definitely use one of those once I get one.

As you can see here, I have her crit chance up at 67%.  Once you add in the 10% from her unique, she is going to crit AND stun on 77% of her attacks.  Her damage is also pretty good and with all the speed secondaries here, she is at 199 speed.  So, you have a pretty fast tanky character that stuns constantly, counters constantly, and calls regular assists?  I want enemy teams to AOE me since I will counter and often call an assist on the counter.  This stuns the attacker, very helpful against a slow attacker like Vader/Lando, and does significant damage.

Although I am an absolutely novice at many aspects of the game (ok, let’s be honest, I’m a novice at most things in life), one thing is for sure – I would not have had a top 2 arena team for the past 4 months without Aayla.  After I built her up, my good friend, shardmate, and guildmate, DarthNihilus built her up too and we together put a very short lifespan on all the Rebel scum that tried to interject themselves into the top spots on our leaderboard.  Once again, unlike all these new characters that are obtainable for the totally absolutely batshit insane and unreasonable price of around $1000, Aayla is obtainable in the cantina.

I will record some gameplay of her soon, but she has been a great answer to the zaders and bazes in my shard that otherwise might be problematic.  She also is the key to high phase 1 jedi scores (see Nukin’s terrific video on How to Phase 1 HAAT, linked HERE) and is terrific in GW.  So, obviously I am an Aayla advocate, but I genuinely think that she is a terrific F2P toon for anyone struggling vs any type of AOE team.  With good RNG, I have seen 4/5 enemy toons stunned and I finish an arena battle vs the top team with my whole team over 50% protection.  My shard mates also continually message me about how annoying she is to fight and I don’t even have her tenacity up enough yet.  As a side note, a few hours after publishing this article, one shard mate specifically messaged me on Discord to say how annoying my Aayla was and that she “hits like a mack truck.”  Mwahaha.  So, go out and grab Aayla and invest the gear in her – unless you are running empire, I do not think you will be disappointed.

The one downside is gearing her.  While not the very worst out there, she does need a bunch of annoying purple gear, the worst of which is displayed below.  Still, I think she is well-worth the grind.


Finally, a tiny bit about me, as this is my first (and if all goes well, not last) post here.  I’ve been an avid Star Wars fan since I was young and spent far too many hours playing with Star Wars micro machines and then setting up the ultimate fleet of star destroyers in the Customizable Card Game.  Oh yeah… this one.  ccg

Anyway, I was relaxing with my big brother (also an avid Star Wars fanboy) and a few good brews on a family vacation in August, and he asked his kids if they wanted to play a “battle.”  They literally jumped out of their chair and I came over to see none other than a team of Jedi absolutely destroy some poor feeble battle droids.  My brother suggested I check the game out and I have been hooked ever since.  I started by building up droids using the beginner pack and loved the collection and competitive aspect of the game.  I spent a good amount early during a sale to build up Rex and get a good arena placement that I could hopefully hold with less spending and now haven’t spent a penny in months.  Plus, you know, Star Wars in a mobile game with good skins and good design, what’s not to like? Well, ask me that question now and I can provide a good long list for you (looking at you citadel pack and mod drop rates), but the point still stands.  Now my bro and I are in TeamSkunk Republic together and having a blast while sending ridiculously long text chains on strategy and who to build up next.  Our poor family is in for it at the next group vacay.

I hope this and any future posts are helpful and my “angle” will always be to help F2P and low spenders have success while efficiently using their resources.

Feel free to shout with any comments/questions/feedback/adoring notes/whatever.

Cheers all,



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  1. I also played decipher’s Star Wars ccg like crazy. Even played for quite some time with the virtual cards when they lost the license.

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