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Citadel Pack Boycott Working?

Data from Drd_Prismata here:

We’ll let him extrapolate this for us:

I previously posted numbers after the pack had been out only 2 days, and I felt it appropriate to follow up with new numbers now that the pack has been out for a week. The data shows separate numbers for 2 days and 7 days and a comparison of the two (i.e. the last 5 days). DT is Deathtrooper and DK is Director Krennic.

These numbers show a clear downward trend in purchasing for the last 5 days, with only 32 new 7* DT/DK combined (about 6 per day), and only 66 new 5*+ DT/DK combined (about 13 per day). This is likely the result of a combination of the whale boycott and word getting out about the characters underperforming in Arena even when maxed.

Another thing that can be gleaned from these numbers is that, after a week, at most 0.18% of the playerbase has invested in getting both characters maxed. I find it unlikely that such a number is what they were aiming for. Even the most aggressive pricing tactics normally target at least the 1%, and they got about 1/6th of that. Heck, they didn’t even get 1% (only 0.91%) to buy enough packs to get DT to 4*, which is at most 5 packs.

Our analysis:  All great stuff.  Without other data sets from any similar releases it is hard to know if dropoffs in purchases like this are normal and if so, to what degree this one is exceptional and thus the result of effort on the part of the player base to send a message to CG.

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