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Tool with Video Guide for Pre-Farming Gear

When Daye Obath isn’t busy making the game’s best raid announcements he’s making spreadsheet tools that make pre-farming a character’s gear less of a pain in the rear.

Daye has developed an Excel tool that essentially translates gear needed into the smaller sub-parts into the battles we must sim to G11 Kenobi 117 seconds after unlock, or any other character for that matter.  Prior to this, if you pre-farmed gear, you provided this functionality yourself by constantly referencing or working off memory.

Its probably best we let him explain the tool himself though:


Thanks Daye: here’s the sheet.

Excel Spreadsheet link

Google Sheets Compatible link



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  1. First gear item I searched for was Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Caller. Unless I am an idiot, which is highly likely, I don’t think this piece is in your list. It is purple and I can find Mk 4 Arakyd Droid Caller, but if I follow that to the second sheet it doesn’t match up with what is needed for the Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Caller (need 50 Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage and other stuff, but this doesn’t show up on the second sheet, instead 20 of the Mk 4 droid caller salvage does).

    Please help

  2. It would be great to make the “farm” tab sortable. I also added two columns on my copy – one to account for gear pieces owned, and another to indicated remaining pieces to farm.

  3. Awesome tool!! I absolutely love spreadsheets and how they simplify life :-) I was going to make something like this but then figured before I spend an entire night doing it, lets see if someone else already has!!! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be changing this up to do some of the other things I wanted it to do.

    • Great question Aaron. Daye has been real busy but is cool with modification of the tool by somebody who knows what theyre doing. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for somebody with sick Excel skills. If anybody is interested you can email me at or if you have Discord send friend request Appropriate Name #2830

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