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R2-D2’s Abilities Changed

Redditor Mp127 found a real gem in the most recent datamine: new info on R2D2!

The main thing we noticed,however, is that a key difference between the R2D2 info leaked at a conference last year and this datamine exists. Specifically the types of attacks R2 has.  Kind of interesting to see how a character develops at CG.

Here is R2D2 last summer 2016:



Here is the new data, quoting the Reddit post:


Description: Versatile Support Droid that protects allies by improving both their buffs and debuffs
Basic: Electroshock Prod
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 60% chance to Stun for 1 turn.
Special 1: Smoke Screen
All allies gain Evasion Up for 2 turns, with a 55% chance to also gain Foresight. R2-D2 gains 35% Turn Meter.
Special 2: Improvise
Deal Special damage to all enemies and inflict Damage Over Time for 4 turns. This attack can’t be Evaded.
Unique 1: Combat Analysis
All enemies have -20% Tenacity and lose 10% Turn Meter the first time they suffer a negative status effect each turn.
Unique 2: Number Crunch
The first time an ally gains a positive status effect each turn, they also gain 15% Turn Meter.

I know what you are thinking, what? No grease fire!  Grease fire was going to be R2’s signature move.  It was going to be epic. Way cooler than Number Crunch or Improvise that’s for sure.

Regardless, at least they are working on R2!




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