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Darth Nihilus Release!

Darth Nihilus is here!

Wait… he’s almost here the devs have to fix a last minute bug:

But seriously he’s like really close to almost being ready for you guys.  This is happening. Eventually ;)   The nature of the event in which Nihilus will be released has not been released to date and the usual channels of getting “inside” info (i.e. big time SWGOH You Tubers) have also not been informed.

AhnaldT101 did promise to let us know if they drop some info to the VIPs on the reddit  thread linked below so we are monitoring it.  However, given the problems they’ve had with bugs on this event it may very well still be in the final testing stage.  That would mean CG will remain uber secretive about the event since it could still technically change prior to release.

We do know to expect the event (which excludes tournaments) mid to late February and that Nihilus will have Sith synergies.  Thanks to Nukin for his help in keeping us updated on the Nihilus release!




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