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Best Forum Post Ever on Advanced Mod Knowledge

If you need a basic primer on mods see the Team Skunk Mod Guide linked in the tabs above.

If you just need a succinct and precise description of how mod colors and upgrade chances work my man Miepmorp from the official forums has got you covered here.  This is good stuff:


This is true mod wisdom my friends.

Of course what we are all after in mods is often a good speed secondary.  A key takeaway is that if you are leveling up a mod and it didn’t start green there is no guarantee that clutch speed secondary will actually increase.  Even if it’s a purple or gold mod purchased from the mod shop for an obscene amount of crystals (ask me how I know lol).

I am personally a HUGE fan of mod packs and feel the speed secondary yield in the packs is great.  Other higher level players than me have recently told me that used to be the case but isn’t any more.  That has not been my experience but who knows…



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