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Force Arena Spreading the Love to Rebels’ Characters

Star Wars Rebels is currently in its third season on Disney XD.  The series gets better every year and seems to be finally hitting it’s stride this season.  Furthermore, per Lucasfilms and Disney, it IS canon.

So it’s somewhat curious SWGOH has avoided these characters entirely as far as actually releasing them in game (datamined content does show some characters have been developed but not released).

Whatever our SWGOH devs’ hesitations with the Rebels content it is not shared by their Force Arena peers.  Here we see a great video just released by SirKykoo of some  Sabine Wren content, a great Mandalorian female character in the Rebels series:

In addition, the series’ main character Ezra and the complex dark side figure Kallus are currently included as well, with plans to include more characters soon, according to Lucasfilms here:

I’m personally a fan of the Rebels series.  Is it at the level of either of the Clone Wars animated series? No, but I still watch it with or without my kids by my side despite the Disney X D tag because it’s becoming a great series in its own right and hey, it’s Star Wars canon.   Here’s hoping SWGOH takes notes and gets in on the Rebel action as well!


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