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Force Arena Review

The biggest news in SWGOH today is of course not SWGOH at all. It’s the release of Star Wars Force Arena by NetMarble.

Remember those pages and pages of forum complaints about wanting to ditch AI and control your own team in SWGOH arena?  Well somebody heard you and here ya go.  After a few initial training sessions, progress via rewards and the like in Force Arena only comes by playing live PvP matches on a course you could describe as made for either paintball or capture the flag and still be right.  The object of the game is to disable your enemy’s shield generator (who is playing live right alongside you) while simultaneously protecting yours.  The ingame logic here being that this allows for an air strike rendering an immediate victory to the first team to take out the other’s shield.

The gameplay itself is addictive.  The characters are well animated, and strategically aligned with other featured and forgotten characters of their ilk per the canon.  But best of all you control your own team, win OR lose.  It’s all on you, just like we’ve been asking EA every time we get sniped right before SWGOH arena payout.

So do gamers want what we say we want?  I am not so sure we do.  Remember the return of the EP event only a couple weeks ago?  Surely you or an ingame friend experienced the rush and excitement of finally unlocking the true Dark Lord of the Sith.  How would you describe the gameplay involved this second time around for those who participated?  Easy barely begins to describe it, right?  We got a game changing character with the tap of several fingers and we loved every minute of it.

As gamers we want a challenge SOMETIMES.  Other times we are quite content with a freebie.  Some ease-into-it gradually harder level play might do force arena very well in my opinion.  In the mean time their customers will be losing half of their contests.  People, it turns out, do not like to lose.  And if they do lose, you want it to be close so they don’t quit.  Getting clobbered does not get people to open their wallets very often.  But this pure PvP format abandons all control over how NetMarble’s new customers lose only that they will a relative lot.

This game does not threaten SWGOH’s supremacy in my opinion, but it could easily draw on CG’s profits.  All in all a net benefit for players whether we embrace Force Arena or delete it next week. Competition can only lead to great content as more smart people vie for our hard earned dollars and time.  So I strongly recommend you give FA a try, and I strongly recommend it’s devs quickly realize gamers’ complex love/hate relationship with challenging content, which pure PvP action most certainly is.


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