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Site Updates/News

– Friend of the site Mcmole2 is now an active contributor to our ever expanding hAAT guide. His P2 clone write up is available now. It is a must read if zeta Cody is in your future.

– Linking your account to has long been a pain in the rear thanks the ambiguity regarding whether some player ID characters are letter or numbers.  The site has addressed this problem with this page

and we have site’s links to include the helpful little tool you will find there.  Thanks to Dark Helmet for alerting us to this.

– Contributor to the site appropriate_name was a guest on the Lord Skunk Live Show last night.  To listen and watch here’s the youtube link:

– As promised, we are publishing throughout the day on the Guilty Pleasures page.  Check for updates, some content should be live by 2pm EST today.  If you would like to add your own entry we encourage you to comment in that section.


Site Updates

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