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imageIt is easy to blame every PVP loss on the “whales,” but long-term unlimited spending on SWGOH, while it exists, is actually relatively rare.  For most P2P players spending real money raises complex strategic questions.  What purchases have priority?  Which ones represent the best value?  We will answer these questions as well as attempt to lay out the advantages that spending money on SWGOH actually gives those players who choose to do so.

The strategic challenge of playing P2P is that buying a lot of crystals at once suddenly means we have TOO MANY options as players.  We become tempted to stretch ourselves too thin in our farming and gearing projects.  ALWAYS REMEMBER that consistent execution of a single vision for your squad is worth more than any dollar amount you can spend on this game. Going down every new rabbit hole when a new event comes up or getting otherwise distracted is not something money can fix in this game. Don’t do that.

As a rule of thumb, plan a squad and take them to 7* GL 10+ before you invest in whatever new meta you think is around the corner.

So how ought we spend our hard earned dollars on SWGOH for those of us that just can’t resist?  Here are sample spending plans for every budget and how they affect game play:

F2P – You can be top 50 in many shards, top 100 in most.  High end F2P players, and there are many, are some of the greatest strategic thinkers in the game today.

15$/mo budget – The smartest purchase on this budget is the 22 day crystal booster for $10.99.  This is very helpful for those of us required to get 600 raid tickets a day by our guilds and allows us to increase the rate of our gear farming as well.  The crystal booster is the best bang for your buck in SWGOH and there is no close second.

50-100$/ mo budget – In addition to the crystal booster I recommend players in this budget purchase up to the 100 energy refreshes of both regular and cantina energy.  This allows for  excelerated gear and character farming.  Even at $100 a month, however, gearing and modding toons at a rapid pace is not going to happen.

$200-400/mo budget – The real added benefit here is that you can start to purchase a meaningful amount of fully crafted gear for your toons.  Gear 10/11 toons happen a lot faster with crystals, and a lot of them. 15-25$ a pop in crystals to fill a single GL 10 character gear slot is not unheard of.

Regardles of budget it is generally speaking a waste of crystals to spend on 400 Crystal refreshes or refreshing the stores.

In sum, P2P is fun but it requires prolonged spending of significant amounts of money  over time to maintain the P2P edge, and sticking to your limited number of goals or projects at anyone time.  The value of a single large quantity of crystals is often greatly diminished by making poor decisions in the 15 minutes following the purchase.  After buying crystals is the best time for you to set your phone down of the day.  So as we can see, P2P has a set of strategic challenges all its own.

After spending at every level in this game I’ve found my sweet spot at around 100-300$ a month personally, of course depending on my disposable income that month. And I feel about a hair’s length ahead of the F2P or lower budget players in my shard.

I feel I have a huge advantage, however, over those on my shard who are spending well more than I am most months but have not done the research or developed the focus to have any of that money really make a difference. Once I approached the game this way it became apparent that good strategy and focus are qualities money just does not compensate for in SWGOH.


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