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The Redemption of Commander Cody


Damage by Mcmole2 P2 Heroic AAT

To date we have transitioned eight of our currently 40+ Team Skunk guilds to the hAAT raid and counting.

We have noticed a common choke point in making the final leap to hAAT emerging.  For most guilds on the cusp, P1 Jedi, P3 Chirpatine, and P4 rebel teams are plentiful.  The necessary P2 droid teams? Not so much.

Guilds compensate for this problem typically by moving P4 rebel teams to P2, and then run out of ammo in P4 and lack the remaining rebel squads to finish the job.  These are strong guilds that have been grinding hard so this can be very frustrating.

As a result our raid development team is always looking for ways to get guilds over the final P2 hAAT hump quickly.

Enter Mcmole2 and one of the strongest clone teams currently in existence in the SWGOH universe: the method described here IS useful for more traditional zeta Cody clone teams and will net damage around 1.2m in P2, which is dramatically better than most droid teams. Mcmole’s early runs show this as well as recent work by some of our leading veteran members: Daryth and Locian Lightsaber did pioneering work here and Mythov has also implemented this method, all of them consistently with 1-1.5m P2 damage.

Mcmole2 is now CONSISTENTLY in the mid 2m damage range. We are watching his progress closely in hopes a zeta Fives allows for a possible 3m run.

Here are the stats for Mcmole2’s current squad:

The essential key here is the zeta leadership ability. This is the common denominator for all the players I’ve mentioned. Added to that, after runs in the 1.2m damage range Mcmole added the Crit Damage and Crit Chance mods you can see above to both Echo and Fives.  He credits these mod changes and good old fashioned practice as what has put his squad in the mid 2m damage range consistently in P2.  Prior to perfecting his technique the added CC and CD mods yielded him a 1.8m run.

Here is a full video of his impressive results final +2m run once the mods and technique were perfected:

For reference, here is Mcmole2’s original forum post on the official forums:  Forum Post:

It is also important for newer players to remember that clones are a long farm.  As we can see, however, once you have reached late game content the payoff will be worth it!

Thanks to all those taking the game to new places here at Team Skunk. We salute you!

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