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What’s in a name?

All data pulled from,swgoh

Over the past 12 months I was surprised and thrilled to see a consistent increase in the google search data for “SWGOH.” The game must be in a continuous growth cycle, right?  Things do seem to be going well but it’s a bit more complex than that.img_1272

The red line above tracks “swgoh” searches on google.  It shows that positive trend I mentioned, however, the blue line tracks “star wars galaxy of heroes” searches over the same period. It shows dramatic decline in search frequency.

So what’s really going on? Well it looks to me like we are effectively renaming the game SWGOH.  I’d suggest the decline in the longer version of the name and corresponding increase in usage of the acronym suggests exactly that.  Interest in the game itself remains remarkably consistent and has of course gotten a huge bump of late from Rogue One.

One final note from the data is that the acronym swgoh is most heavily used in the US, UK and Australia.  Our South American, European, and Asian fellow gamers have the patience to spell out the entire name.



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