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Most under-rated opportunity for early and mid-game players

If you are not in an extremely active T7 Rancor guild you are missing out on a huge opportunity to build your game.

Many players probably don’t care and that’s fine.  A more relaxed style guild imagemay very well be your cup of tea. But I’m specifically looking at players who want an edge.

Nothing changed my game more than 7*ing little old Lumi and joining a T7 – raids every other day – get your 600 in or you’re fired – guild when I hit level 60. No amount of cash spent in game, no clutch mod find, no perfectly protected Lando smashing fools like a semi. Nothing.

Rewards-  The lowest tier payout for a T7 Rancor raid is 200K credits and 640 guild coins plus gear. That’s 700K credits and 2240 guild coins a week. Every week. For free.

Mentors – Gaining access to more experienced players on out of game chats is a huge benefit. I am a lead recruiter for Team Skunk so I see dozens of early and mid game rosters a week.  Unfortunately some could have really used a vet’s guidance months ago by the time they come to us.

Focus – But the biggest benefit I got when I joined my guild as lowly newb months ago was FOCUS.  One’s squad of choice or budget is irrelevant if you’re not consistently starring and gearing toons all the way up.  But it’s easy to jump around from project to project and end up with squad full of underdeveloped toons.

Wanting to post more raid damage in T7 Rancor raids me the discipline even as a newer player to do this with my roster. Slowly, methodically taking the roster toon by toon all the way up to 7* GL 10/11.

The benefits of this discipline over time have been huge.  Later this month I’ll be getting my first Kenobi shards, but it wouldn’t have happened nearly this fast if it wasn’t for the discipline a well structured guild taught me to build my roster with.


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