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Asajj the meta breaker?

Written by appropriate_name film, gameplay and theory crafting by Good Ol’ Maurice

It’s not uncommon to change the game with a brand new character. But to theory craft with a hero most of us have forgotten about, invest the resources to gear her to G11, and then to have been right the whole time,  would be a legendary SWGOH win.

Team Skunk’s very own Good Ol’ Maurice may very well have done just that.

Ever since his launch Shoretrooper’s ability to start the match with a taunt, coupled with the taunt’s short cool down, has been a major inconvenience to his opponents.  Baze has taken the pre-turn taunt to an entirely new level of annoyance.  Even a professional debuffer like Sun Fac can have trouble keeping up with most arena level Baze and Shoretrooper toons.

So Good Ol’ Maurice looked to Asajj and her Strikes Fear, a party debuff no has talked about for a long time, if ever.  Properly modded and with the speed bonuses she gets from her unique, let’s take a look at how she deals with the new meta’s most popular taunter.

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